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Preventive Care

Doctor Checking the Heart Rate of a Man for Preventive Care.

At Center One Medical, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive preventive care in Sarasota, Florida. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is committed to safeguarding your health through proactive and preventive measures. Through a combination of regular screenings, vaccinations, and health education, Center One Medical's preventive care empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and embrace a healthier future.

Doctor Checking the Heart Rate of a Man for Preventive Care.

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive care encompasses a range of medical services and practices aimed at keeping you healthy and detecting potential health issues before they become serious. At Center One Medical, our family care specialists are dedicated to investing in preventive care as it enhances individual well-being and contributes to the sustainability of our healthcare system by reducing the cost of treating advanced illnesses.


Our Comprehensive Preventive Care Services

Center One Medical's comprehensive range of preventive care services includes:

Routine Health Check-Ups

  • Comprehensive assessments to monitor your overall health and well-being.

  • Regular check-ups to track changes in your health over time.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

  • Immunizations and vaccinations to protect against infectious diseases.

  • Recommendations and updates based on your age, travel plans, and specific health needs.

Wellness Screenings

  • Age-appropriate screenings such as cholesterol checks, blood pressure measurements, and cancer screenings.

  • Early detection of risk factors and health issues.

Health Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of lifestyle factors, family history, and other elements that may impact your health.

  • Guidance on risk reduction strategies and healthy living.

Preventive Health Education

  • Patient education on the importance of preventive care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Resources and information to support your well-being.

Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Customized plans for managing and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

  • Lifestyle recommendations for risk reduction.

Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Guidance on healthy eating, weight management, and nutrition.

  • Support for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Telehealth Services

  • Convenient virtual preventive care consultations, follow-up care, and guidance to accommodate your schedule and location.

  • Increased accessibility and flexibility in healthcare.

Why Choose Us for Preventive Care?

1. Expertise

Our medical professionals are highly trained and experienced in providing preventive care services.

2. Personalized Approach

We understand that every patient is unique. Our preventive care plans are tailored to your individual health needs.

3. Efficiency and Convenience

We value your time and strive to provide prompt services with minimal waiting times.

4. Efficiency and Convenience

Our preventive care services cover a broad spectrum of health issues, ensuring your well-being.

Ready to Prioritize Your Preventive Care?

At Center One Medical, we are dedicated to helping you lead a healthier, happier life through comprehensive preventive care. Whether you're looking to stay on top of your health, manage chronic conditions, or receive guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we are here to support your journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life. Contact us today to schedule your preventive care appointments and take the proactive step towards a healthier future.


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