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Laboratory Technician Holding a Blood Sample as part of Lipidology Test.

At Center One Medical, we take pride in offering expert lipidology services in Sarasota, Florida. Our medical professionals are highly experienced and well-versed in the field of lipidology, continuously staying updated with the latest research and treatment options. We are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive care that helps manage and improve their lipid profiles. Our approach is built on transparency, ethics, and the highest standards of patient confidentiality. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we adhere to all relevant regulations.

Laboratory Technician Holding a Blood Sample as part of Lipidology Test.

What is Lipidology?

Lipidology is the medical discipline concerned with lipid metabolism and the impact of lipid disorders on cardiovascular health. Lipids, including cholesterol and triglycerides, play essential roles in the body but can pose risks when their levels become imbalanced. Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol (commonly known as "bad" cholesterol) and triglycerides can increase the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular complications.


Our Lipidology Care Services

Center One Medical's comprehensive range of services is designed to guide you through every aspect of your lipid health journey:

Advanced Lipid Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Precise lipid profile analysis and cardiovascular risk assessment.

  • Identification of lipid abnormalities and their impact on your heart health.

Cholesterol Management

  • Expert care for cholesterol-related concerns, including high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol.

  • Personalized treatment plans, medication management, and lifestyle guidance.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

  • Specialized strategies to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Guidance on blood pressure control, diabetes management, and lifestyle modifications.

Nutritional Counseling

  • Personalized dietary guidance to improve your lipid profile.

  • Support for heart-healthy eating, weight management, and metabolic health.

Medication Management

  • Expertise in lipid-lowering medications, including statins and PCSK9 inhibitors.

  • Careful prescription and monitoring to achieve lipid targets.

Lifestyle Modification

  • Guidance on lifestyle changes to optimize your lipid profile.

  • Strategies for exercise, smoking cessation, stress management, and overall well-being.

Cardiac Risk Assessment

  • Thorough evaluation of your overall cardiovascular risk.

  • Advanced testing and assessment to predict and prevent heart disease.

Telehealth Services

  • Convenient virtual appointments for ongoing lipid specialty care management and support.

  • Accessibility and flexibility in your healthcare.

Why Choose Us for Lipidology?

1. Specialized Care

Our Lipidology experts possess specialized knowledge and experience in managing lipid-related disorders.

2. Personalized Treatment

We create individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique lipid profile and needs.

3. Comprehensive Support

We provide holistic support for the diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of lipid disorders.

4. Patient Education

We empower patients with the knowledge and tools to proactively manage their lipid health.

At Center One Medical, our lipidology services are designed to help individuals achieve and maintain healthier lipid profiles, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Our team is here to provide you with specialized care and guidance to manage your lipid disorders effectively. From thorough evaluations to personalized treatment plans, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our lipidology services and how we can assist you in managing your lipid health.


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